3 Core Pillars Of Marketing for Financial Advisors

If You Are A Financial Advisor, RIA or Wealth Manager Looking To Get Clients …This Will Be An Important Article to Read Now.

Before we discuss the 3 core pillars of client acquisition, let’s discuss the top 3 challenges most advisors face today

#1 Most advisors are not able to get clients using new online social media channels

#2 Most advisors are frustrated with their compliance challenges

#3 Most advisors are posting content on their social media profile but that is not resulting in booked meetings

So are you facing these challenges like the 600+ Advisors that I recently spoke with to validate this?

Well, the reason for this is because in reality social media is quite complex and for some reason, there is a false belief that social media is this “new” thing and that it does magic.

What I mean by that is people expect social media to cure all problem as it if had magical powers. So let’s say you are an Advisor not able to get clients then you may think social media is the cure.

Well, it can be for sure but you must understand how human and consumer behavior works when it comes to social media.

Because chances are you have one of the pillars missing today in your marketing because of which you are not getting clients.

So let’s dive right into it.

Pillar 1: Who

So one golden rule to get clients is to be able to help them more than your competitors. Now the only way to do that is by solving their pain point. The only way to solve someone’s pain point is to “know” and “understand” their pain point.

Now it is impossible to understand everyone’s pain point as people are really different and they make decisions differently.

For e.g. a retirement problem for Doctor is very different from a teacher and they both make decisions very differently.

So in order for you to get the traction you really must speak to either a doctor or teacher’s pain point. If you are generic then you are NOT differentiated and no one will respond to you.

Generalism is a killer.

Pillar 2: What

Now if you are able to identify “Who” then the next step is “What you tell them”. This is key as message resonance is really critical to get a response.

You may have a perfect retirement solution for doctors but if your message to them is not “nerve striking” then you are not going to get a response.

Here’s an example of a good message: “I help established doctors retire 10 years faster using my unique combination of tax and portfolio strategy”

So what you say is key. On social media, this would be reflected on your profile summary description, your message after the connection to your prospects, your emails to your prospects, your phone conversation to your prospect.

Any touch point you have must have the right “What” you say.

Pillar 3: How

Now you can have a good “Who” and “What” but then you are not going to gain full benefit unless you have the “How” nailed down.

This is very important in today’s distracted world we live in. The reality is your prospects are super busy with distractions so the “How” you send your message to them is key.

Unfortunately, you cannot just send one message to get a response. Now you will get some response from this for sure. I and my Advisor clients get a response on the 1st message a few times but the real results come from followup.

How you follow up with people makes or break things. You must use multi-step, multi-medium and multi-channel these days to get a response. I cover this in great detail in my program Advisor Algorithm and there are real art and science to doing this properly.

So in summary, if you want to get clients from social media or otherwise. Work on all three pillars and I promise you will make progress.

Imagine, you sending a message to your ideal prospect and they giving you time for an appointment. The good news is once you have a clear “Who”, “What” and “How” you can repeat it and even automate it get multiple booked meetings every week and months.

So if you are looking to become a Top Producer in your firm, then consider the above strategies.

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