$900K AUM Client from LinkedIn

In this blog I would like to give you some insight on LinkedIn lead generation with a financial advisor case study who signed up a $900K AUM Retirement planning client.

Meet Mitch – He is a Financial Advisor focusing on gathering AUM who was struggling with prospecting after covid-19 hit since he was not able to do the traditional face to face residential prospecting methods that his company, asked him to do.


They recently had a young baby and his wife was home taking care of the new born, so he needed to make sure he could do virtual prospecting and he could spend time with the baby.

I went through this very same phase when I started my social media journey (and never looked back).

He is passionate about helping individuals achieve their financial freedom but had no success with social media.

Here’s what he was doing (you may be doing this stuff)

  1. Posting generic company provided content on LinkedIn and Facebook (this stuff never works)
  2. He used LinkedIn Sales Navigator, attended some free training from his company, spoke to other advisors who had some success and tried the technique.
  3. He was connecting with people and try to message them BUT no meetings (this is a key process but most advisors do it wrong)
  4. He had no activity on Facebook but did try to boost some post for a webinar (bad strategy on multiple front)

There were no results and was frustrated. And we define results in terms of

  • Leads (ideally qualified)
  • Appointments (1st and 2nd meeting)
  • Clients (the ultimate success of marketing or sales)

Let’s break it down..

Who? Mitch

Problem: Unable to fill up his pipeline with daily contacts and qualified leads to meet his $5 Million per annual AUM targets and move up level in his company and hit $25 Million AUM in less than 5 years.

Solution: Joined Advisor Algorithm (my 6-week lifetime access program that shows you how to prospect the cold market, identify your ideal clients and generate meetings using social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook)

Did it work? Yep. He has recently signed up for a $900K AUM client using our LinkedIn outreach method. He has signed up 11 clients in total so far, a total of $3.2 Million AUM.

Here’s Mitch’s success story, celebrated in our private community group.

Here’s what I can tell you about Mitch (since I work with him in the program and speak with him on our weekly calls that are meant to provide step by step support to make progress):

Here’s what I helped him do to fix his problem on LinkedIn (plus open up a new world on Facebook Ads).

  • Position him correctly with his profile.
  • Give him a crystal clear view of his targeting (search) – he had major issues here since he lives in a small community and being hyper-niche focused was a wrong approach for him.
  • Messaging – this is where everyone fails on LinkedIn. I looked at all his past messages and showed him all the mistakes PLUS gave him our conversation stream approach (my proprietary process).
  • Content Strategy – how to write simple and natural post with just 15 minutes per week and ditch other paid company provided generic service.
  • Tracking system – LinkedIn is pretty bad when it comes to being able to track data and follow up. I gave him our custom-built process to do this. He was blown away by this process.
  • and a lot more…

As a result.

A $900K AUM client with LinkedIn ($3.2 Million total with 11 clients) (after trying for months not generating any appointments) isn’t too bad and this AUM will produce recurring income streams for years.

We build fintello to help financial advisor run all key marketing campaigns from one system. We have a very powerful LinkedIn system which is what Mitch used.

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