Real results for real advisors using our campaigns and system.


Private Wealth Practice

We generated 200 HNW leads from the Facebook Retirement Ad campaign, 85% have over $1 Million in investable assets, 17 booked meetings, and signed up 2 clients worth $2.8 Million initially. We have a big pipeline and had to stop the campaign to work on follow-ups. Beyond my expectation, I was skeptical about social media. I think all advisors should start embracing social media in today’s environment.

Signed $2.8 Million AUM from Facebook


Financial Advisor

I was paying over $5K for single dinner seminar and my marketing budget was getting out of control. I decided to use social media and  now using LinkedIn and Facebook Ads to fill up my seminar but also get daily leads my funnel with the evergreen campaigns.

Signed up over $5 Million AUM

Edward & Ally

Insurance Practice

Edward and Ally specializes in Health and Life insurance and has a family practice . Before joining the program, they were looking to take their practice virtual and help more clients and scale their practice. Since joining the program, they have booked 75 Meetings, signed 26 Clients and wrote 32 policies in less than 4 months. Now they want to take 90% of their practice virtual and even hiring support staff.

75 Meetings, 26 Client, 32 Policies in 4 months